Cyan Eyed is part of a much larger world full of tremendous development potential. One area of focus centres around Captain Corliss Vail’s origin, from her humble beginnings as a peasant from a tiny fishing village to the lands most feared pirate of the skies. Below is an outline of an eight episode series, and a number of visual moments.

Episode 1 ~ COMING OF AGE
Corliss as a child is being held captive by slavers on their skyship when it is attacked by pirates. During the fight, Corliss is accidentally freed, and shows extraordinary fighting skills and agility. The pirate Captain Blackburn is impressed by her and takes her under his wing. Over the next 12 years, Corliss becomes the captain’s prodigy, earning the title ‘The Snake’.

Episode 2 ~ THE RED SNAKE
While raiding a local outpost, Captain Blackburn’s pirates are ambushed by the Green Union, and during the battle, Captain Blackburn is slain. Something in Corliss snaps, and she starts fighting with enormous ferocity, overcoming the Green Union forces. After emerging victorious and drenched in blood, her ‘beserker’ fighting earns her a new title, ‘The Red Snake’, and she takes over as captain.

During a plundering mission, Corliss meets Galien Cassel, the leader of a group of rogues who he tells her they only steal from the rich. He reveals that they come from the same tribe. Their relationship is complex: rivals/romantic. They part ways, leaving her with more questions about her origin.

Episode 4 ~ THE SNAKE’S PATH
Having trouble making ends meet for her crew, Corliss is challenged for leadership. She wins the duel, but is unable to regain the respect of her crew, so she abandons them and joins Galien. She learns he is actually an agent of the Alalman Emirate that is planning to attack the Green Union. Like him, she too was raised as a sleeper agent and provides her with a potion to restore memories that were locked away.

Flashback to Corliss’ past in a distant land, training as a child assassin and sleeper agent with other children. Galien and Corliss are the top of their class, their rivalry obvious to all. Though any sort of romantic attachments are beaten out of them, Galien does develop some. Their graduation comes in the form of partaking a potion that will temporarily wipe their memories until they become ‘activated’ long after placement.

Now believing Corliss is on ‘his’ side again, Galien reveals his final mission: assassinate the Green Union’s Arch Duke there by creating enough unrest for the Alalman Emirate to conquer unimpeded, and includes plans to wipe out any sort of piratry. Corliss joins Galien on one of his other missions: murdering a politician. In the heat of the moment Corliss fails to follow through and manages to escape.

Corliss seeks out her old crew informing them of the Alalman Emirate’s plans to destroy them and the Green Union. She convinces them they must warn the Arch Duke and almost makes it to him, but is ultimately imprisoned by the Arch Duke who does not believe their story.

From episode 1 - Young Corliss is fights with great ferocity, slaying a number of her captors.

From episode 2 - Captain Blackburn has been killed during a fierce battle with the Green Union.

From episode 3 - Galien Cassel and Corliss Vail test their feelings.

From episode 4 - Corliss wins the duel of challenge, but not the respect of her crew.

From episode 6 - Corliss reluctantly takes part in one of Galien’s missions, but is unable to follow through.