Cyan Eyed is part of a much larger world full of tremendous development potential. Please use the contact form to discuss any possible opportunities you had in mind. Several projects are currently in development include the following:

CYAN EYEDThe Feature Film
Expands on the short film of the same name

Set in an alternate Victorian-esque world full of flying ships and steampunk contraptions, The latest bounty for feared Pirate Captain, Corliss Vail, is a young girl, born with the ability to draw upon tremendous power of the earth. These individuals are extremely rare, and when discovered, are highly sought after by warlords to be fored to power machines and other contraptions. But Corliss gets more than she bargained for, when the girls protector, an automaton built by her father, shows up to rescued her. Upon learning of the girls past, Corliss now must decide to continue with her mission, or renege on her deal and return the girl to her father while facing the impending consequences.



CORLISS VAILEight Episode Limited Series
Centres around Captain Corliss Vail’s origin, from her humble beginnings as a peasant from a tiny fishing village to the lands most feared pirate of the skies.

Set in an alternate Victorian-esque world full of flying ships and steampunk contraptions, an abducted young child, Corliss Vail, happens to impresses pirate Captain Blackburn with her fighting ability and he takes her on as his prodigy. Twenty years later during a raid, Captain Blackburn falls in battle, and Corliss Vail takes on the mantle of captain, and now must learn to manage the savage crew through the metaphorical trial by fire. When a clue from her mysterious and forgotten past surfaces in the form a man, Galien Cassel, she begins to question her place in the world. Through learning more about the truth of her past, she becomes torn between the paths of her future: satisfy her burning desire to learn more about her past by joining Galien and tolerating his questionable moral code, or give that all up and forge a path of her own, free of the shackles of her heritage.

From Corliss Vail, episode 1 - Young Corliss is fights with great ferocity, slaying a number of her captors.
From Corliss Vail, episode 2 - Captain Blackburn has been killed during a fierce battle with the Green Union.
From Corliss Vail, episode 3 - Galien Cassel and Corliss Vail test their feelings.
From Corliss Vail, episode 4 - Corliss wins the duel of challenge, but not the respect of her crew.
From Corliss Vail, episode 6 - Corliss reluctantly takes part in one of Galien’s missions, but is unable to follow through.
From Corliss Vail, episode 9 - A climactic battle rages in the skies as Corliss and Galien face off.