Spread all over the world, the crew of CYAN EYED comprises of more than fifty people. Below is a credit list of our team members and the roles they have contributed to making CYAN EYED come to life!


Ryan GrobinsWriter/Director/Producer/Asset Builder/Hair and Fur Technical Director/Look Development Artist/Texture Artist/Previs Artist/Animator/FX Technical Director/Lighting/Compositor
Albert Radosevic – Asset Builder
Andrew Krivulya – Hair and Fur Technical Director
Arthur Moody – Hair and Fur Technical Director
Artur Zima – Concept Artist
Benjamin Wheatley – Asset Builder
Benjamin Holen – Asset Builder
Brooks Kim – Texture Artist
Cary Graham – FX Technical Director
Christian Ronquillo – Concept Artist
Conor Schock – Compositor
Conrad Allan – Concept Artist
Conrad Murrey – Previs Artist
Curtis Carlson – Compositor
Damian Castellini – Animator
Damien Lam – Asset Builder
Daniel Alvarez – Concept Artist
Devon Gay – Compositor
Eddy Burnfield – Animator
Hyojung Kim Grobins – Concept Artist
Hugh Behroozy – Producer
Ivan Cadena – Animator
Ivo Šucur – Look Development Artist
Jacob Zaguri – FX Technical Director
Jasmin Watkins – Producer
Jennifer Kim – Texture Artist
Jessica Smith – Concept Artist
John Chen – Asset Builder / Previs Artist
John Toth – Texture Artist
Jonathan Romain – Look Development Artist
Joseph Leong – Animator
Joseph Roberts – Asset Builder
Kenji Gonzales – Concept Artist
Kim Allen – Animator
Matthew Zikry – Concept Artist
Matt McGrath – Animator
Melissa Olsen – Producer
Michael Plotnikov – Compositor
Michael Raiti – Animator
Ned Rogers – Concept Artist
Nick Beins – FX Technical Director
Nick Crowhurst – Associate Producer
Noemi Cini – Compositor
Paul Ziola – Animator
Phil Hook – Rigging Technical Director
Prateek Rangineni – FX Technical Director
Rahul Manoharan – Compositor
Rana Kar – Animator
Robert Paternoster – Animator
Samuel Collins – Animator
Sean Watts – Public Relations Manager
Sheree Chuang – Texture Artist
Stanley Darmawan – Animator
Tanya Philipsen Jørgensen – Motion Graphics Artist
Victor Mahnic – FX Technical Director
Yucheng Hong – Concept Artist
Zoran Dragaš – FX Technical Director


Mac Smith – Supervising Sound Editor
Nathan Nance – Re-Recording Mixer
Brandon Proctor – Re-Recording Mixer
Luke Dunn Gielmuda – Foley Editor
John Roesch – Foley Artist
Scott Curtis – Foley Mixer
John “JT” Torrijos – Projectionist
Jim Austin – Engineering Services
Ivan Piesh – Digital Editorial Support
Jessica Engel – Post-Production Sound Accountant
Michael Peters – Post-Production Finance Manager
Eva Porter – Client Services
Carrie Perry – Scheduling
Josh Lowden – General Manager
Jon Null – Head of Production
Steve Morris – Head of Engineering


Nicole Brady – Composer
Tristan Coelho – Music Editor
Milton Gutierrez – Recording and Mix Engineer
Peter Rotter – Contractor and Conductor
Tim Ryan – Supervising Music Editor and Mix Engineer
Elaine Beckett – Trackdown Producer
Bob Scott – Mastering Engineer

Rob Brophy – Viola
Zach Dellinger – Viola
Brian Dembow – Viola
Alma Fernandez – Viola
Shawn Mann – Viola
Matt Funes – Viola
Darrin McCann – Viola
Victor DeAlmeida – Viola
Laura Pearson – Viola
Erik Rynearson – Viola
Andrew Shulman – Cello
Tim Loo – Cello
Jacob Braun – Cello
Erika Duke – Cello
Dennis Karmazyn – Cello
Mike Valerio – Bass
Ed Meares – Bass
Ben Jaber – French Horn

Teag Reaves – French Horn
Steve Becknell – French Horn
Laura Brenes – French Horn
Alex Iles – Trombone
Bill Booth – Trombone
Phil Keen – Trombone
Craig Gosnell – Trombone
Lachlan Colquhoun – Electric Guitar


Tian Kim Grobins
Chris Pember
Heath Dingle

Skywalker Sound

Ryan standing at the front of the Tech Building at Skywalker Sound [June, 2016].

George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound has agreed to join our international crew to create the soundscape for Cyan Eyed. Sound design is crucial to a film, with decades of iconic credits (from Star Wars to Toy Story) Skywalker Sound will take Cyan Eyed to the next level by creating an immersive entertainment experience for our audience.

With Generous Support From

The Film Maker

Ryan Grobins, a 25 year veteran of the visual effects industry, has worked on some of the biggest film releases from major Hollywood studios in recent years. Consuming copious amounts of chocolate gives him the power to direct award winning animated short films which have played in over 100 film festivals. He enjoys watching Star Wars with his 8 year old daughter and The Amazing Race with his wife. With a strong passion for animation, Ryan now embarks on his most visually spectacular film yet, CYAN EYED.

Ryan’s list of credits can be found at: http://imdb.to/1Wiyp8y

Previous short films from Ryan Grobins’ studio, Nezui, have won numerous awards on the festival circuit around the world. Check out these websites for more information:


Sneeze Me Away

Thomas accidentally discovers one of the world’s little known mysteries. By sneezing with his eyes open Thomas enters a fantastic magical world full of unexpected and wondrous sights. Thomas must befriend strange creatures if he is ever to return home.
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The Rose of Turaida

With a moving narrative and striking visuals, based on a true story set in 17th century Latvia, The Rose of Turaida tells the story of a beautiful young woman who makes the utlimate sacrifice for love and honour.
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