Explore the story, characters and environments of CYAN EYED. Seven years in the making, with an international crew, director Ryan Grobins has crafted an exciting adventure set in a vivid steampunk world.



One in ten million are born with a supernatural gift that gives them the ability to generate and channel tremendous amounts of energy. Highly sought after by warlords, rulers and other powerful people, those that have this ability usually go into hiding to live the life of hermits; afraid of the contraptions that forcibly extract their energy to operate machines war and for other nefarious purposes.

When Nessa’s abilities were revealed at the age of six, she and her family fled to the isolated Mountains of Manabarh. With information of Nessa’s whereabouts extracted from a traveling merchant who had noticed the telltale signs of the supernatural ability, a local ruler, Lord Pharin, announces a bounty for Nessa. The infamous pirate captain Corliss “The Red Snake” Vail successfully manged to to track and capture Nessa, and is now en route to deliver the the girl and claim her bounty.


One of a family of peasants living in a small rural fishing village on the tropical coasts of Oslana, Corliss was traded for food at a young age. The slave ship carrying her was soon after attacked by pirates. Freeing and defending herself from both slavers and pirates, Corliss’ fearlessness and dexterity attracted the attention of the pirate Captain Blackburn. By taking her under his wing, Blackburn gained Corliss fierce loyalty and she his protecting guidance. Her natural talents enabled her to become highly skilled in the use of many weapons, and she developed a knack for being able to quickly and precisely take down her opponents, earning her the nickname ‘The Snake’ and the position of first mate. While raiding an outlying Green Union settlement, Blackburn is caught in a trap and is slain in battle. Taking control of the pirate crew, Corliss emerged blood soaked and victorious against the Green Union forces; now known as ‘the Red Snake, she continues her fallen retainer’s legacy as the scourge of the skies.


Created by Nessa’s father, renowned tinkerer and mechanist Tane Baelin, Grunt was made with the sole purpose of finding and rescuing Nessa. Tane was able to transfer a small portion of his consciousness into the machine making Grunt a self-aware automaton, endowed with the abilities of reason. Grunt continues in his quest of searching for Nessa’s unique power signature, and to ultimately rescue her and take her back to her father.


A selection of some of he environments that cen be seen in the world of CYAN EYED. From breathtaking sunsets to sprawling natural landscapes, the promise of adventure can be found everywhere.

The vibrant and captivating world that Cyan Eyed is set in has a long and storied history. Vast mountainous regions, lush plentiful forests and sprawling lake lands make up some of the expansive environments. Despotic warlords, tenuous unions and numerous city states have carved up the land, making for an ever changing political landscape. This rich background serves as the tapestry that our characters must make their way in.

This particular adventure takes place in the area known as the Bay of Khuhn, an area of particular contestment between the neighbouring regions, all vying for control of the bay, which serves as a wealthy seaway trade route.